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What is our process?

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Our software will help you to spot the different tax reductions that you can benefit from, with basic questions about your financial and personal situation.
Once your tax interview completed, you will be contacted by an expert, for a quick summary of your situation and the tax reductions for which you are eligible.
You will receive in the following 24 hours an email summarizing your tax situation. One last click and your tax return is sent directly to the french tax administration !

What about the price ?

Our remuneration is made by our success ! 

Our fees are related to the reduction you obtained from the fiscal administration thanks to our service.

Your best interests are ours. It's a win-win process!

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Who are we?

DoYourTax is a tax product developed by a fantastic team motivated to make taxes easier.
More than insuring the effective filing of your tax return thanks to our technology dedicated to taxation, our team of Experts and tax Lawyers, with a solid background in expatriate taxation, offers you a dedicated support to understand your situation and take appropriate actions to optimize your taxation.
Fill out the simple tax interview and let our tax intelligence do the maths!

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What did our clients say?

Knowledge of the rules, responsiveness, flexibility, ability to speak English (!!)




It works! We found much more tax reductions than with the tax lawyer appointed by my company

Tobias*, Swiss national living in France
Ganesh*, India national living in France
It automatically calculates the maximum tax refund you are eligible to.

*the name has been changed to protect our client's privacy